Narrows Volunteer Fire Department

The Narrows Volunteer Fire Department consists of 33 members.  Each of these members volunteer their time and skills to help ensure that the citizens of Narrows and the surrounding towns have adequate assistance in the event of a fire.  They also assist the local police and ambulance services in the event of an emergency.

The fire department headquarters is located at 133 Center Street in Narrows.


Jon Butler, Chief
Jerry Dunford, Assistant Chief
Elwood Lambert, Captain
Jason Givens, Asst. Captain
Jeff Duncan, Asst. Captain
Ryan Hughes, Asst. Captain
J.B. Journell, Chief Engineer
Chris Stump, Asst. Engineer
Shawn McCroskey, Asst. Engineer
Caleb Johnston, Asst. Engineer
Miller Collins, Asst. Engineer
Mark Tuell, Asst. Engineer
Jeff Spicer, President
Jason Tickle, Vice President
Joe Butler, Treasurer
John Davis
Zane Thomas
Darryl Blankenship
Mac Whittaker
Michael Lambert
David Whittaker
Ernest Long
Chris Shay
Bubby Dalton
Chad Dalton
Billy Dunn
Wesley Woodyard
Kelly Dent
Lee Pyles
Todd Turner
Steven Dunford
Jake Cumbee

Perry Blankenship
Larry Day

Tyler Yopp

Dustin Cumbee

Michael Tickle

Narrows Fire Department Activity Building Schedule Rates 

$50.00 – Three Hours or Less

$75.00 – Half Day

$150.00 – Whole Day    

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Narrows is located in Giles County, Virginia

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