Narrows Farmers Market

marketThe Narrows Farmers Market is located on Monroe Street in downtown Narrows.  The Market has tables already onsite in order to accommodate a number of vendors, a stage area for live entertainment during special events, and clean restroom facilities.

 Currently, the market is seeking regular vendors selling their wares on Fridays and Saturdays each week.  Whether you are selling a perfectly-ripened tomato, a homemade treat, or sweet smelling lotions and soaps, the Narrows Farmers Market is the place for you!







The Town of Narrows Farmers Market strives to serve as a center of activity in downtown Narrows by:

  • Providing a clean, pleasant environment for vendors to offer a variety of high quality produce and handmade goods, as well as flea market and yard sale items.
  • Providing a central location for various community events sponsored by both the Town and private organizations.
  • Providing a pleasant, low-cost rental area for individuals wishing to use the facility for activities such as yard sales.

It is the goal of the Market to contribute to a prosperous downtown area and promote a sense of community within the town.  The Farmers Market aims to weave commercial, educational, and social activities that make the Market a vital civic institution for Narrows.


Any person using the Market for the purposes of selling or offering for sale of any items on the premises must comply with all federal, state, and local ordinances.

All public litter containers in the Market area are for use by vendors and customers.  However, excessive or improper use by the vendors is not permitted.  Vendors will be responsible for the collection and removal of all refuse generated from the sales at their space.

Behavior by vendors or customers judged to be disruptive or detrimental to the peaceful operation of the Market shall not be allowed. The Market Coordinator / Town Employee on site reserves the right to ask that you leave if determined necessary.

Small children brought to the Market by vendors must be kept under the constant supervision of an adult.

The Town of Narrows and its representatives are not responsible for damage or loss of any personal belongings.

The use of alcohol or illegal substances is not permitted at the Market.  Vendors using any type of tobacco product must take care to discard the waste from that product in a sanitary way

**Any person(s) found to be violating these rules may be asked to leave and/or will no longer be allowed to be a vendor at The Narrows Farmer’s Market.

Any unsafe or unsanitary conditions should be brought

to the immediate attention of the Market Manager.

If an issue occurs you may reach the manager

by calling 540-726-2423 on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.,

or by calling 304-994-0771 at any other time.



The Market Manager will have the authority to suspend selling privileges of any vendor or person(s) found violating any of the Market regulations. For the first violation, the Market Manager will give a vendor an oral warning that will be documented in writing.  The documentation will include the vendor’s name, the date that the violation occurred, and a brief description of the violation.  The first time a violation occurs the vendor will be given a written warning from the Market Manager.  The Market Manager will retain a copy of the written warning.  A second violation will result in the immediate suspension of the vendor’s Market permit and trigger a formal review process by the Market Manager and Director of Strategic Development. That could result in revocation of the vendor’s permit for the remaining part of the selling season without refund of fees.



Weekly $7.00
Bi – Weekly $12.00
Monthly $20.00
Full Season $85.00


Yard Sale

1 section per group

$20 – 8ft X 12ft section

Yard Sale Regulations:

The Narrows Farmers Market welcomes the community to use our shelter for yard sales however:

Only the half of the shelter closest to the restrooms is available for yard sale usage. You will be assigned a section when your payment is made. The sections will be measured and taped off prior to your sale day. These sections measure in 8×12 sections and your items must stay in this section. You may use tables in your section or choose to lay your items out on a tarp.

*Limit of one section per group.

*NO yard sale items is to be under the produce/home-goods vendor side of the market.

Product Labeling:

All home-prepared consumable products must be individually packaged and labeled with the product name, date of preparation, net weight, all ingredients in descending order, and the name and address of the preparer.

Vendors selling products labeled as “organic” must provide a valid Certificate of Organic Production in accordance with the National Organic Policy (NOP).  All certified organic products must be labeled in accordance with the NOP.  It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to know and comply with the NOP retail regulations.

Vendors set their own prices and are responsible for accurately representing their products.  All scales or weighing devices must have a current and valid certification sticker signed by the Virginia Department of Weights and Measures.  Vendors must make appropriate adjustments to satisfy any customer’s responsible claim of unsatisfactory quality of condition.

Taxes, Licenses, and Permits:

Vendors must have visibly displayed in the front of their booth any licenses, certifications, and permits required by law for all products, as well as a valid Market permit.

The collection and filing of all related taxes is the sole responsibility of each individual vendor.

*Vendors are exempt from Town business license fees or itinerant vendor fees.

Please visit the vendors at the market often to offer your support.

Please call the Narrows Town Office at 540-726-2423 to make a reservation for the Narrows Farmers Market.

Narrows is located in Giles County, Virginia

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