Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for Utilities, Maintenance, and Buildings & Grounds.  The department is led by Public Works Director & Zoning Administrator, James “Buddy” Kast.


buddy_kastPublic Works Director & Zoning Administrator

James “Buddy” Kast

Buildings and Grounds Division

The Buildings and Grounds Division is responsible for the condition and appearance of all Town structures and their surroundings.

Buildings and Grounds Staff:

Joe Spears, Foreman
Verna Combs
J.P. Powell
Nathaniel Rice

Maintenance Division

The Maintenance Division is responsible for the overall maintenance of the Town of Narrows.  This includes repairing any streets that may be damaged, maintaining all property owned by the Town, making streets passable during the winter, keeping sidewalks in good condition, and taking care of Town rights-of-way.  This department is also responsible for helping with annual events such as the Fourth of July Celebration at the Town Park.

Maintenance Division Staff:

J.W. Sartin, Foreman
Howard Ganoe
Doug McAllister
Mike Stewart
Andy Sparks
Eugene Robertson
Travis Turman

 Utilities Division

The Utilities Division is responsible for reading water meters for monthly billing, connecting and disconnecting water service, assisting residents with sewer line blockages, and finding and repairing breaches in the Town’s water system.

Utilities Division Staff:

Jeff Perdue, Foreman
J.J. Perdue, Assistant Foreman
Mickey Hale
Joseph Sheets

Wastewater Division

The Wastewater Division is responsible for the proper operation of the Town’s wastewater facility located at 144 MacArthur Lane in Narrows.  This department is responsible for treating all domestic and industrial waste.

Wastewater Division Staff:

Cody Kast, Lead Operator
Brandon Buchanan 
Adam French



Narrows is located in Giles County, Virginia

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